Artistic journey
(1960 - 1985)
At the beginning of his research he realized a range of oil paintings about nature, relationships between man and women, the family and still life, where poetic and chromatic experimentation were dominat.
(1985 - 1990)
The unit of measurement is no longer man but society: here we find "The Soccer Game" (80.000), "The Strike" (100.000), "Rock Concert" (60.000), "St.Peter's Square" ( 70.000), "The Beach" (200.000), "World Champions" (200.000). Where numbers correspond to so many coulored dots.
(1990 - 2000)
A range of works realized with a motley of materials, discarded by a consumer society. Wrapping papers, corks, plastic bottle tops, sweet papers, football pool coupons, newspapers and so on, assembled to recreate a "whole" thanks to the normality and sensitivity of the artist.
(2000 - ...)
All works of this last period are made of philatelic material like stamps and postcards. Some pictures tackle contemporary social problem and others propose totally graphic works and others evoke poetic utopias. The two works dedicated to the Twin-Towers and Il Potere, composed by 3.750 stamps, exposed in SmeraldArte, make a strong impression on the viewer.
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